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Moki & Grog

Hi, I’m Moki


Hi, I’m Grog


We lived a long time before you, like 12,000 years before you in a place that is now called the Sahara Desert in Africa.We know you’re probably thinking, “What kind of Neanderthal brain do you think I am. The Sahara is nothing but sand.”Maybe it is when you are alive, but for us the Sahara is tropical. It’s called the African Humid Period and has something to do with monsoons from Egypt. At least I think it does.

Grog’s Fun Fact: The African humid period is a climate period in Africa that began 14,600 years ago and ended 5,000 years ago. It was caused by changes in Earth’s orbit around the Sun. These increased the rains over northern Africa and replaced the Sahara Desert with grassy vegetation, trees, and lakes..

We’ve got a lot more to tell you.

Stay Tuned.