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Susan's Stories

Moki and Grog

Illustrated Middle Grade Book

For 12 year-old-MOKI and her twin brother GROG, life in Africa 12,000 years ago is pretty sweet. They spend their days playing fun games like catch the zebra and jump the giant tortoise. Their nights are spent sitting around the clan’s campfire, listening to stories.

The twin’s life is perfect. Except for their annoying older brother and seven sisters. You heard it right, seven sisters. Actually, their problem is only with their brother Atuk and their four older sisters. The three younger sisters don’t bug them much, mostly because they’re babies and babies aren’t really people yet. At least not to Moki and Grog.

Despite their older sisters and brother, Grog and Moki still manage to have fun with their friends. Until the day they’re told it’s time for the boys to start hunting and the girls to start gathering. Moki and Grog’s world is about to get complicated. You see, Moki likes to hunt and Grog likes to gather and the clan doesn’t like them switching roles.

It’s Okay on This Side

Illustrated Middle Grade Book

12-year-old Bennie likes his new life in heaven. If he could only convince his still living parents that he’s okay, he’d be able to enjoy himself more. He’s trying to figure out how to let them know when Heaven’s personnel director discovers Bennie’s death was a mistake. Now he’s given the chance to return to earth. But if he chooses to return, he must live out his full life. This would make his parents so happy. The problem is that Bennies not sure he wants to leave Heaven because it’s, well, heavenly.

Aunty Scrooge

Award Winning Script

Abandoned by their stepmother and forced to live with their scrooge of an aunt, a Christmas tree loving 6-year-old and his pugnacious 13-year-old sister, run away in search of their own Christmas.

Crossing Time


Tilly, a lonely girl from Chicago, and her father move into an abandoned plantation with plans to renovate it to its former glory. Once there, Tilly meets Mason, a cute but kind of odd boy.

Stranger than the boy’s old fashioned clothes and way of talking, is that only Tilly can see him. He’s not a ghost. And he’s not dead. In fact, he’s a civil war soldier fighting in the Battle of Pleasant Hill in 1864 who somehow crossed into Tilly’s time. He’s also searching for something He can’t rest until he finds it. Together, Tilly and Mason explore the mysteries of Louisiana in a quest to find what Mason’s seeking.